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Athletes & Parents


Are you a proud parent of a student-athlete?

Can you see their potential, but they
are struggling to
see it themselves? 

Is the pressure
of performance overwhelming them?

That is where our Powerhouse Athlete Program can help. We will work with your athlete to help them discover their strengths and how to apply them in their sport and in their lives.


In these coaching sessions, your athlete will

  • Learn what are their top 5 talents and why it matters

  • Identify their unique abilities and gain confidence

  • Build self-belief using tools, activities, and questions

  • Navigate the pressure of performance, and learn how to build trust in themselves and others.


Are you ready to help them unleash their power? Click below to request more information.

Ella, 16

Lacrosse Athlete

“The Powerhouse Athlete Program helped me discover who I am as a person. Before going through the program, I struggled with performing consistently, now I have learned new ways to deal with stress and anxiety during play and utilize my talents to have all-out performances.  I feel more confident than ever.”


Mother of Athlete

"The first game was tonight. While I know she didn’t meet her own expectations in how she played, as soon as we got in the car, she said, “I think those sessions really helped me…normally I would be crying right now, and I didn’t allow any negative self-talk in except once during the game, and I was able to stop it!”
She seemed at peace and motivated after the game instead of sad and defeated. Wow! What a win for her and such a mentally healthier place than last year! 


Father of Athlete

“We are so thankful to have you as a part of our daughter's "team. We can already see a change in her mental approach!”
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