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1. It's easier to lose
than to win.

2. Coaches are hired to win and fired if they don't...This creates stress!

3. Every coach wants to impact those they lead.

1. 1

We Understand. We understand how stretched you are - whether it be time, money, or support.


Getting your team and staff to peak performance consistently is HARD! Nobody is showing you how to do it, and nowadays, looking the slightest bit incompetent is a risk.


There isn't time to not win games, have your team(s) not competing consistently, or not be able to get to that "next level."


We come side-by-side to ensure our training delivers results. Our program can help you win more, worry less, and make an impact. 

Ella, 16

Lacrosse Athlete

“The Powerhouse Athlete Program helped me discover who I am as a person. Before going through the program I struggled with performing consistently, now I have learned new ways to deal with stress and anxiety during play and utilize my talents to have all out performances.  I feel more confident than ever.”


Head Coach

"This work has made me more confident in who I am, in what I am doing, and where I am putting my energy. It has improved my relationships with my players, which has improved the effectiveness of my coaching."


Father of Athlete

“We are so thankful to have you as a part of our daughter's "team. We can already see a change in her mental approach!”
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