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Advocate for Athletes/Administration & Facilitator

BREnda brown

Brenda has a passion for helping individuals create fruitful, authentic, and healthy approaches to leadership to develop thriving teams. Her various experiences as an athlete and coach within all levels of NCAA Division I contribute to a philosophy based on identifying, recruiting, and leveraging talent to the organization’s fullest potential. ​


Using a proven framework, she can assist in skillfully assembling teams that create and understand a clear mission, communicate effectively within the organization, and mobilize together toward desired outcomes.


Brenda also has extensive experience developing young athletes and coaches in one on one settings and inherently desires to bring joy and encouragement to the process every day.


Brenda's coaching stops include:

  • Georgia Tech

  • Jacksonville University

  • UNC Charlotte

  • University of Florida

  • UNC Asheville


Brenda was part of orchestrating 3 Big South Conference Championships and 2 NCAA tournament appearances as a head coach at UNC Asheville. ​


Brenda graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and History in 2000 and a M.A.Ed. in 2001, both degrees are from Wake Forest. In December 2021, she received a graduate certificate in Biblical Studies from Liberty University.

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